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Reliability Coordinator Comments or Complaints



The Florida Reliability Coordinating Council, Inc. (FRCC) has contracted with an Agent to perform the duties of the FRCC Reliability Coordinator. The Agent provides the following functions in accordance with the FRCC Reliability Process:

Real-Time Operating Function

This area contains the procedures to ensure that all entities operating in the FRCC Region have confidence that the FRCC Agent have acted in a manner consistent with the FRCC’s goals of Reliability and no undue discrimination in the application of the Region’s Reliability Process. If an FRCC operating entity in the FRCC Region, has questions or concerns over the actions taken by the FRCC Agent on behalf of the FRCC, and if these questions are not fully answered to the satisfaction of the operating entity by the FRCC Agent, then the entity shall have the right to initiate a request for review to ensure any concerns are addressed fully and appropriately.



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