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 The Reliability Coordinator Operations Project Engineer (RCOPE)



Position Summary:
The Reliability Coordinator Operations Project Engineer (RCOPE) is the primary Subject Matter Expert (SME) for the technology applications that support the FRCC Reliability Coordinator (RC) function on behalf of the FRCC membership. The RCOPE is also one of the FRCC employees who perform the FRCC Operations Planning Coordinator (OPC) function.
The purpose of the RCOPE position is to improve the reliability of the FRCC RC function by facilitating and providing ongoing technical and project management support to RC and OPC processes. The overarching responsibility of this position is to promote Bulk Electric System (BES) reliability by ensuring the operations planning and real-time models of the BES are as accurate as possible. This position reports to the MRCOO.
Although the RCOPE position is based in Miami, it requires close coordination with FRCC MS Regulatory and FRCC Operations staff in Tampa, as well as the RC Agent’s Operations staff in Miami.