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Disturbance Misoperations 


The FRCC has certain responsibilities for collecting information and reports from various operating entities within its footprint.  Below are some helpful links and documents that explain the processes and contacts for reporting bulk electric system information to the FRCC.


All DOE form OE-417 and/or NERC Reliability Standard EOP-004 disturbance report submittals should also be sent to   All facility owners should send a monthly log (by the 10th of each month for previous months data) of all generation and transmission relay misoperations and all SPS misoperations to


All FRCC Compliance related reporting should be made in accordance with applicable instructions from the FRCC Compliance website, Compliance staff or by contacting for additional information.




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Latest DOE OE-417 Reporting Information
NERC EOP-004 Disturbance Reporting Reliability