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 FRCC Reliability Assessment Overview

The Reliability Assessment section of the FRCC website includes documents used to support FRCC’s role in NERC’s reliability assessment program which annually conducts seasonal and long-term reliability assessments. This section includes documents supporting FRCC’s role in NERC’s event analysis and information exchange program.


In the FRCC, the assessment processes are some of the ways that planning and operating horizon personnel are involved in the transmission planning processes. These processes enable a smooth transition from the Regional transmission planning process to operations planning coordination, to real-time operations. These processes also ensure that operating horizon personnel have the best available information regarding their evolving systems and ensures that operators have adequate situational awareness of potential future Bulk Electric System issues, and have adequate time to study and understand the issues in order to mitigate and ensure adequate reliability.


The event analysis processes help ensure that disturbances that occur within the FRCC are promptly analyzed to ensure a thorough understanding of the causes and effects, and to ensure that any corrective actions, potential lessons learned or opportunities for improving future performance are incorporated into the FRCC Regional processes.




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