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FRCC Planning 



Planning Documents (click for Detailed View) - Share a document with the team by adding it to this document library.  Planning Documents (click for Detailed View)

Folder: Archive
Folder: FRCC Presentations and Utility 10-Year Site Plans
Folder: FRCC Regional Load and Resource Plans
Folder: FRCC Reliability Assessments
FRCC 2017 Load and Resource Plan.pdf
Link to Load and Resource Data Collection Manual.pdf



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MS List of Procedures with Links
FERC Standards of Conduct Protocols for the FRCC, Board Approved 2/6/09
Rules of Procedure for FRCC Standing Committees, Board Approved 2/13/14
FRCC Regional Transmission Planning Process
Request for FRCC Transmission Information (Load flow model data or transmission map – CEII)
Regional Planning and Order 1000
2017 Solar Task Force Scope
Planning Committee Calendar