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Through FRCC's technical committees experts from all segments of the electric industry contribute their knowledge to promote the reliability of Florida's bulk electric system.


FERC Standards of Conduct Protocols for the FRCC

 Amended Rules of Procedure for FRCC Standing Committees

 FRCC Antitrust Compliance Guidelines​

 FRCC Document Control Policy and Procedure

Board of Directors

Provides leadership and sets policy for FRCC's activities. The Board consists of top level executives from each Member.



Steering Committees

Special Projects


Planning Committee

The FRCC Planning Committee (PC) promotes the reliability of the Bulk Power System in the FRCC, and assesses and encourages generation and transmission adequacy. The Planning Committee reports to the Board of Directors.

Subcommittees, Task Forces & Working Groups


Operating Committee

Responsible for the coordination, planning, operation and maintenance of reliable bulk power supply in Florida. The Operating Committee reports to the Board of Directors.

Subcommittees & Task Forces