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 Bulk Electric System (BES)

The Bulk Electric System (BES) definition contained in the North American Electric Reliability Corporation (NERC) Glossary of Terms Used in NERC Reliability Standards establishes the ‘bright-line’ criteria for the determination of which Bulk Power System (BPS) facilities are classified as BES Elements. Consistent and accurate application of the BES definition is fundamental to the reliability of the interconnected transmission network in the FRCC Region.
Information related to the NERC BES Definition, and the Notification and Exception Processes is presented on this webpage and will be periodically updated as addition support documents are developed.
An ERO enterprise-wide software application, the BES Notification and Exceptions Tool (BESNet), has been developed to support implementation of the definition. Entities will use the BESNet to submit to their respective Regional Entity self-determined notifications of changes to their BES assets that affect the Registered Entity’s responsibilities for compliance with the Reliability Standards. Entities will also use BESNet to request to include or exclude an Element from the BES by application of the Rules of Procedure Exceptions Process.



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FRCC Regional Bulk Electric System (BES) Documents  FRCC Regional Bulk Electric System (BES) Documents

FRCC Regional Process - Application of the BES Definition - Approved 04.28.2017 Posting.pdf
4/28/2017 10:24 AMNo presence informationChristina Rau



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