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About FRCC


FRCC is a not-for-profit company incorporated in the State of Florida. FRCC is a Reliability Coordinator and Planning Authority serving peninsular Florida east of the Apalachicola River. The FRCC’s mission is to identify, prioritize, and assure effective and cost-efficient mitigation of risks to the reliability and security of the peninsular Florida bulk power system.


FRCC provides services for the FRCC region as a member services organization. Membership in FRCC requires satisfying the membership criteria specified in the FRCC Bylaws and participation in the funding for services relating to the planning and operation of the bulk power system in the FRCC region as described in the FRCC Bylaws.


The activities of FRCC are directed by its Board of Directors. The FRCC Board of Directors is comprised of  top-level executives  of FRCC’s members elected within six sectors.

The technical activities of FRCC are carried out by its Planning and Operating Committees. These Committees and their subcommittees are comprised of managerial and technical representatives from the members of FRCC. These representatives provide the expertise necessary for the planning, engineering, and operating aspects of electric system reliability.

Contact Information

Orion Center
3001 North Rocky Point Drive East,  Suite 410
Tampa, Florida 33607.

The main office can be reached by calling 813-289-5644, or by fax at 813-289-5646.







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